Latest Cars for the Parade & Scone Palace

10 April
Perthshire Classic Car Festival - 1924 Bentley Vanden Plas
Bentley Vanden Plas
Perthshire Classic Car Festival - 1951 Tojeiro
1951 Tojeiro
Perthshire Classic Car Festival - Alfa Romeo 8c Coupe
Alfa Romeo 8c Coupe
Perthshire Classic Car Festival - 2004 DAXTojeiro 57
2004 DAX Tojeiro 57
Perthshire Classic Car Festival - MG-1

Sneak preview of New Bentleys and Jaguars to be on show at Scone Palace

10 April
Perthshire Classic Car Festival - Bentley GT Convertible
Bentley GT Convertible
Perthshire Classic Car Festival - Bentley
Perthshire Classic Car Festival - Jaguar F Pace
Jaguar F Pace
Jaguar F Type 2

1930 Blower Bentley GK 8063 To be on Classic Car Parade and Display at Scone Palace

23 March

This impressive original car, the 16th last to be built, has had an illustrious history. First owned by a Miss Wearing on 1st January 1931, it disappeared for several years but re-appeared in 1940/41 in London during the Blitz. It spent time in Kenya in the 1960s, reappeared in London, disappeared and then re-emerged in the USA in the 1980s. It then spent time in South Africa, the UK and Japan before returning to the UK in 2007. This is a spectacular car, not to be missed.

Perthshire Classic Car Festival - Blower Bentley

Colin McRae's World Championship winning Rally Car and two NESCRO UK Championship winning cars to be on Display at Scone Palace

23 March

Colin McRae’s World Championship car the Subaru Impreza 555 Reg no. L 555 BAT will be on display at  the Scone palace classic car day. This is the car that won the World Championship Rally. Two other Classic rally cars that are top in their discipline winning the NESCRO UK rally series two years in a row will also be on display. These will be a Ford Escort and MGB GT. Both owners of these cars will be in attendance at the show to talk about and promote their sport.

Perthshire Classic Car Festival - Colin McRae World Rally Car
Perthshire Classic Car Festival - MGB GT Rally car

Latest entry .....

18 February

Latest Entry for both Saturday and Sunday is ‘Ermintrude’ a 1922 Rolls Royce Silver Ghost. Originally commissioned for Sir John Sainsbury it was displayed by Rolls Royce at Olympia in 1923.

Perthshire Classic Car Festival - Silver Ghost
Perthshire Classic Car Festival - Silver Ghost

Want to be part of the Parade or Scone Palace Show: get your entries in quick

7 February

Following the press launch on 6th February there has been lots of interest in both the Parade and Scone Palace Show. If you want to be part of it with your car we are currently still accepting entries so get your application in quick:

Scone Launch with organisers supporters and sponsors

Pre-1978 Car Owners

4 February

If you have a pre-1978 car that you would like to display at Scone Palace, but are unable to do this through a Car Club, then you can still apply to do so by e-mailing the following details to Colin Stewart at

Your Name:
E-Mail Address:
Make of Car: